Puzzle Theatre (Montreal, Canada)

For audiences of all ages

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A plastic-bag world where colorful creatures are born and endlessly transform themselves. They fill and empty themselves, they fly, they eat each other, they are bored… They exist. Step by step they reveal their nature. They are primitive, naive and comic, and they look a little bit like us…

Created out of plastic bags and almost nonverbal, “Plastic/Plastique” finds humour and delight in a frighteningly common material.  Easily accessible for all audiences, the show leads us to empathize with characters born of this synthetic product, despite the disturbing consequences of plastic throughout our organic world.

With simplicity and precision, Plastic/Plastique takes something familiar and makes it delightfully strange.

Founded in 1996 in Bulgaria and established in Montreal since 2004, “Puzzle Théâtre” combines drama, puppetry and object theatre, giving spectators the freedom to feel what is not explicitly told.

Created and performed by CSABA RADULY and PAVLA MANO

Plastique from Puzzle Théâtre on Vimeo.

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