Lontano / Instante

Lontano / Instante

Juan Ignacio Tula & Marcia Marinoni (France)

Two solo creations employing the Cyr wheel – a 15kg metal hoop.


Marcia Marinoni offers the first solo in this double-bill, Lontano, where the Cyr wheel is summoned in single combat. For Marinoni, the wheel is an adversary that she will have to tame. Poetic, athletic and deeply moving, Lontano speaks to our recurring struggle with the cycles of life.  We meet ourselves again and again, recognizing and challenging the patterns of behaviour that form our identities. Cathartic, beautiful and full of hope, Lontano is a gripping celebration of the human spirit.


Circus artist and dancer, Juan Ignacio Tula (from Argentina, now living in France) explores the metaphoric possibilities of the Cyr wheel. Through an exchange of forces and counterweights between the metal wheel and his body, in the expression of this centrifugal force, he opens a terrain of possibilities.  The simplicity of the gyrating, repetitive movement creates a state of exhaustion in his body, and from the blindness generated by constantly spiraling action, there arises a survival instinct; the body is engaged completely, arriving at a point where time and space border on the infinite. Instante materializes a journey to the center of ourselves, leading us to the brink of hypnosis, disrupting our relationship to time, and offering himself as a mirror to reify our humanity. An unforgettable, captivating experience.

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