Living Things 2017 PosterThe 2017 Living Things International Arts Festival, funded by the Central Okanagan Foundation, BAFTA’s artsVest program, and the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at UBC Okanagan, and sponsored by numerous local businesses, was a big hit in Kelowna’s arts and culture district.


Check out some of the great performers and events for Living Things 2017!

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Objects in Motion

Screening of animated films from the National Film Board and the Underground Puppet Film Festival, in the Mary Irwin Theatre of the Rotary Centre for the Arts.


2017 goods photo3Goods

A performance/installation featuring everyday objects as protagonists.  The public was invited to a contemplative experience where selected objects and voice over were the only structuring elements.

by Neil Cadger and Samuel Roy-Bois


Portraits in Motion

Photographic, flip-book cinema portraits: an old man who wanted to improve the world and almost starved in the process, a homeless woman who wished for nothing more than to see her children once again, a young woman who decided to change her life while on holiday.

by Volker Gerling


Caws & Effect Picture

Caws and Effect

In the forest, a pair of wise-cracking crows experience problems with their nest. One of them plants a magical seed given to it by a worm and dreams a new world into being: a crow-based urban environment with lots of power lines. What at first seems like the land of plenty has dire consequences for the enthusiastic crows.

by Mind of a Snail


The Message is a Mess

Re-imagined and re-animated, trash becomes treasure and static materials become spirited. Each act of puppetry holds a mirror to the existential condition and suggests a solution: it is possible to remain enchanted despite an awareness of the mechanisms at play.

by Moth Orbit Theatre